The Board

2015-2016 Board Members

  • President: John Valderrama
  • Vice President: Shelby Dronen
  • Treasurer: Kathy Smithson
  • Secretary: Lauren Loebsack
  • Board Member at Large: David Bennett
  • Board Member at Large: Terry Sloan

Voting for the Board or Becoming a Board Member

It only costs $10 annually to be a member of MCP and be eligible to vote for the Board (membership fee must be paid within the 12 months prior to the vote, which usually takes place in May). You may ask for a waiver of the fee in lieu of time spent working on a production.

If you would like to be a board member and be part of shaping the future of MCP, you must be a member as stated above as well as have attended at least two (2) Board meetings within the theatre year (June 1 – May 31). Board Meetings take place the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM – location noted on our website.